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Judith Betty Gaisie 

Judith is the lead teacher of the Pokuase Methodist 2 Basic School Exploratory club. She joined the club 11 years ago as a facilitator. As a Lead teacher, she has mentored her students to take their studies seriously so that they can reshape their lives and have a better future. She ensured that club meetings were always full of fun and involved exciting hands-on activities. One of such experiments was on Electrostatic force, where students rubbed combs through their hair and used them to attract pieces of papers.

She has been transferred to Ofankor M/A Basic School in the Ga-North Municipality and is willing to introduce the club there to help her new students in studying STEM. She is looking forward to making new friends and also hopes that the leadership her new school will give her the chance to share her experience and the knowledge she has acquired from Exploratory with them.

Grace Adomako

Grace served as the lead teacher of the Pokuase Methodist 1 Basic School Exploratory club for 7 years.The experiment she enjoyed teaching was in biology and it involved the use of local materials to develop a model of the digestive system for better understanding of how it works.Most of the girls in her club have developed love for science and its related subjects like mathematics through their weekly club engagements.

She has been transferred to St. Cyprince Anglican Basic School in the Ga-West Municipality and is enthused about sharing her learning and teaching experience through the Exploratory-STEM club.

Francis Dotse

 Francis was a club facilitator at the Pokuase M/A Basic School Exploratory club. He enjoyed engaging students in Integrated Science experiments and also prepared them for the annual design challenge where students are given the opportunity to design a model to solve problems within their communities.

He has been transferred to St. Peter’s Anglican Basic School, Ofankor in the Ga- North Municipality and would be happy to continue working with the club in his new school.

Martha Arhi

A facilitator of the Methodist 1 Basic School Exploratory club. Her role was to mobilize students and help them prepare for club meetings.

She enjoyed teaching and helping with demonstrations during club meetings. She was particularly interested in activities related to the solar system especially how the moon revolves around the earth, how light travels in a straight line. She was also actively involved in preparing students for the annual Design Challenge competitions.

She has been transferred to Obeyeyie Anglican Basic School in the Ga- West Municipality and is hoping to start a new club there.

Isaiah Amedzro

Isaiah is one of the lead teachers of the Pokuase Methodist ‘2’ Basic School Exploratory club. He has been with the club for the past 8 years. He delights in teaching basic electronics and light energy because it helps students build basic electrical gadgets and makes them understand that science is very practical and is part of our everyday experiences.

He has been transferred to Achimota Presbyterian Basic School at Mile 7 in the Ga- North Municipality and will be introducing more practical STEM activities to his new school and students.