What We Do

Our Mission

We empower educators and inspire students to be curious, courageous and community-minded, by making their experience of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) relevant, joyful, collaborative and equitable.

STEM + LOVE = A Better World for Everyone!

Invest in STEM literate and caring leaders and citizens

What We Value


Look. Explore. Tinker. Ask. A sense of wonder keeps minds active,turn mistakes into adventures, and leads to innovation.


Trust. Encouragement. Support. Healthy relationships erase boundaries between people, generations and nations.


Speak up. Step back. Embrace ambiguity. Leaders confront fears, act hopefully and communicate with radical candor. 


Science, technology, engineering and mathematics sharpen critical thinking and impart tools to realize creative ideas.


Good citizens make decisions based in love for self; for others, local and global; and for the environment, living and natural.

A better world

We can imagine and create a better world through STEM and education, when informed by love, courage, curiosity and community.

Our community in Ghana (as of 2017 end)

Pokuase, Accra, Nsawam, Berekuso

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Program Model

Our toolbox


Exploratory Clubs

Small groups of girls explore STEM through hands-on practical activities, guided by trained teachers. They share what they learn with their schools and community. They expand their world through role models and field trips.  

Facilitator Training

At workshops, educators practice constructive teaching techniques, embrace hands-on STEM explorations and commit to creating inclusive learning environments. In-person, messenger-based and online peer learning groups support their continuing professional development.

Exploratory Kits & Hubs

We provide several topic-specific STEM kits consisting of locally available, and/or low-cost materials, along with a curriculum, to trained teachers, for use in the Exploratory Clubs and their classrooms. The Exploratory Hubs will consist of a delivery system, a learning resource library, tinkering spaces, and training facilities, to connect schools with materials, learners with local experts, and rural communities with the world. 

The most notable fact that culture imprints on women [and girls] is the sense of our limits. The most important thing one woman can do for another is to illuminate and expand her sense of actual possibilities.

~ Adrienne Rich

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