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Explorers develop soilless media to plant cucumber seeds

As part of their project for the term, Explorers in Nsawam and Pokuase have developed soilless media to plant cucumber seeds.

Methodist 1 JHS Explorers prepare 7 set ups of soilless media to plant cucumber seeds

In principle the soilless medium is a substance that is part of an artificial system of cultivation in which plants are grown without soil. The medium provides plants with physical support, regulates the water flow, serves as a storage of nutrients and permits gas exchange to and from the roots.

Explorers of Osaebo JHS displaying their set ups

Sounds interesting right? Here are steps you can follow to create your own soilless medium at home.

Materials: Hand gloves, coconut coir (fibrous husk), sawdust, dried plantain bark,  cucumber seeds, water, measuring rule and empty containers.


  1. Half-fill a container with coconut coir, sawdust and dried plantain bark.
  2. Soak enough water in the set up and allow it to settle overnight.
  3. Plant the cucumber seeds (a maximum of ten seeds) in the set-up.
  4. Keep the setup in a cool, dry and dark condition.
  5. Collect data on the number of seed germinations on Day 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 of planting, height of germinating seedlings and number of growing roots.
  6. Record your observations every day and add water when necessary to the setup.