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Let’s explore Physics – with joy!

It is one thing to be curious and another to try your hands on something new to satisfy that curiosity. The latter is exactly what sets our girls apart from all other young lovers of science. Partly it’s because we make that possible by providing these young ones with simple materials with which they perform basic science experiments and also because we have over the years put in a lot of effort in building courage, curiosity and a positive mindset towards science through our clubs and a myriad of science related projects and programs.

It is a typical club meeting day at Nii Otto Kwame III M/A Basic School and our young Explorers are examining buoyancy in liquids. Materials needed for such an experiment include stopwatches, small pins and disposable cups. With all of these sorted, the young scientists are ready to carry out their experiment using water, cooking oil and saturated salt solution.

The girls dropped a paper clip into each of the fluids (contained in the disposable cups) and used the stopwatches to measure how long it took for the pins to get to the base of the cups. They then recorded their observations and it was all joy!

Some questions that came up during the experiment that generated lively discussion:
“Is it advisable to taste the salt solution to know if it is saturated enough?”
“Why does the volume of water keep increasing as we add more salt?”
“Why does the buoyancy in water vary from that of the salt solution though they look the same?”

Great questions, wouldn’t you say?