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Ghanaian teacher sitting outside. Electronics set

Teacher spotlight: Henrietta Boateng

Hertie exemplifies many of the teachers we are fortunate enough to work with. She sets high expectations for herself and students, and cares for them as individuals. Hertie was a fourth grade teacher when she started with us. She’s attended every training we have had, and other teachers in her school have asked her to lead science lessons for them. Others have asked to borrow materials and have her show them how to do demos.
Ghanaian teacher sitting outside. Electronics set
She has incorporated group learning in her classroom and pioneered peer teaching in the clubs. She has also taken on responsibilities as a lead teacher, and has been an invaluable guide to our staff and liaison to administrators. She and another teacher in the club were selected for teacher-trainer workshops conducted by Practical Education Network (PEN_ed) for the Ga West district. You can also find her slipping money to students who came to school hungry, or who needed a pencil. Of course, she’s now teaching 6th grade.
We’re so proud of Hertie!