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Why we chose “STEM + Love = A better world” as our motto

Our founder, Dr. Connie Chow, posted an article on Medium explaining the significance of each component, and the combination. She relates the idea to education, democracy, sustainable development goals, and equity.

We believe STEM literacy is essential for democracy

A fundamental leveling force for equity in society and in the globe is access to education. We live in an increasingly complex world, where solutions to many societal problems have a basis in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and where public policy requires at least a rudimentary understanding of its applications, limitations and potential for harm. In this world, developing STEM literacy, in the broadest sense, is essential for meaningful participation in and contribution to civic and political life, as well as the economy.

Good citizens make decisions based in love for self; for others, local and global; and for the environment, living and natural.

We believe in equitable access and opportunities in STEM

Access to education and STEM literacy are especially important for the girl-child and for women and others who have been underrepresented in academic, professional, social and political arenas, and whose perspectives and talents have been overlooked.

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics sharpen everyone’s critical thinking and impart tools so  to realize creative ideas.

We believe in ethical, empathic leadership and just, joyful development 

Indeed, what the world needs most, are people who have a solid education that allows them to think clearly, AND who have empathy and a sense of justice, so that we have not only knowledge, but also wisdom; not only solutions, but also mutual uplift; not only policy, but also love.

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