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When teachers care, students thrive. Reminders from one teacher.

Editor’s note: Our wonderful lead teacher, Maxwell Samuel Yeboah, a science teacher at the Berekuso Basic School shared the following on our WhatsApp platform with our other teachers. It’s too precious not to share with the world. We are very lucky to have caring, thoughtful, reflective teachers who are facilitators for our Exploratory clubs, whom we could trust to develop healthy relationships that nurture and challenge our students. We are delighted to have shared with them a workshop on the rights of children and the teachers’ role in upholding those rights in our August training, and know that they have all learnt from them. STEM + LOVE = A better world!

Wishing all teachers a wonderful school year! 


  1. Remember to set achievable targets for the term
    • how many students should be able to read by the end of the school term?
    • how many homework must be given each day?
    • which student needs extra attention?
  2. Reassess your strategies that didn’t yield much results.
  3. Plan your daily activities. You may need to get ‘sticky notes’ pasted on your table with plans for the day.
  4. Improve your relationship with your boss and colleague staff members. Forgive those who mistreated you.
  5. Do the work as though it’s your own business. ECCL 9:10.
  6. See the student as your biological child. MATT 7:12.
  7. Create an interactive and emotionally supportive classroom.
  8. When the child comes to school sad, she must go back happy and yearning to come back the next day. This makes the school (your classroom) a home away from home.
  9. Investigate offences before you punish (correct).
    Don’t tell the offender “I will punish you”, rather, ” I will correct you.”
  10. Encourage, advice and inspire your students. Assure them of your belief in their potential for success even beyond the framework of the school.
  11. Recognize and reward every effort of the student in a variety of ways.
  12. Do not undermine or ridicule the potential and failed attempt of any student, neither give room to such from any other mate from the class.
  13. There’s a student that didn’t go to break that day. Please draw near and find out why. Help if you can in which ever way.
  14. Send your regards to their parents and family as they close from school to go home. Remember to also ask about the welfare of their family when they arrive at school early in the morning.
  15. PRAY FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR STUDENTS ALWAYS. Before class begins and before you end the working day.

Wishing all teachers a terrific term.