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Dr. Kamens hosts STEM+LOVE+Beads Fundraiser

Our advisory council member, Dr. Joanne Kamens, will be hosting a fundraiser for us on November 1st. She shares why this cause is important to her.

Me and my microscope

 Dr. Kamens and her microscope

Some of us are scientists from birth. How sad that so many budding scientists are not given the tools or encouragement they need to pursue a career in science.

You are finally hearing more about all the ways girls in the United States are discouraged from taking this path. The hurdles along the way are many. Now imagine how high the hurdles are if you are a girl in Ghana, a country that can use all its dormant STEM talent to help more of its citizens achieve secure lives. The hurdles to pursue education in STEM fields can be so high that girls in Ghana may not have the confidence or support needed to start that journey.

Early experiences in education can have a profound effect on seeing yourself as a future scientist. The Exploratory is working with educators and students in Ghana to make sure that from the earliest ages girls are exposed to science, mentored to succeed and encouraged to envision themselves in STEM related careers.

Exploratory Club student peering through a microscope for the first time

Perhaps you had that one mentor or teacher that made all the difference in your career? For me it was Mr. Nornes who taught my advanced biology course where we spent all year dissecting a cat to observe every muscles and bone, and Mr. Sorenson who blew my mind with the beauty and simplicity of how a Punnett Square relates genotype to phenotype.

Working with partners and educators in Ghana, The Exploratory is trying to provide Ghanaian girls with formative, positive exposure to the experiential learning of science.

Join me at my home in Newton on November 1 to celebrate and support diversity in science!

I am hosting a fun fundraiser where we will get together to make jewelry with beautiful Ghanaian glass beads and socialize over wine and snacks. Your dollar contributions go a long way in Ghana so you can make a big impact with your participation. Please RSVP so I know how many crafty (or not, the crafty part is optional) diversity supporting friends and colleagues to plan for.

I look forward to seeing you.

Beautiful, aren't they?