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Meet our interim Program Coordinator Vivian Ayarick

Role models make a tremendous difference to young women. By introducing women who study and who use STEM in their academic and professional lives, women who are strong and confident, we begin to break down the stereotyped view of women, for our girls and boys, their teachers, as well as the community.


Vivian and our director, Connie

Therefore, we are pleased to introduce Vivian Ayarick, our interim program coordinator, who just graduated from the University of Ghana at Legon with a degree in biochemistry. I was fortunate to attend her thesis defense – her research was on the abiotic factors that affected mortality in fish ponds, an important problem as aquaculture gains prominence in Ghana. Her delivery was confident – as her data and understanding of the topics and techniques were solid.

Vivian at her thesis defense

Vivian at her thesis defense

Vivian is not new to The Exploratory’s programs. Her can-do attitude and ability to anticipate needs and problems have ensured teacher training workshops run smoothly. She is an excellent negotiator as we witnessed at Makola market when purchasing supplies for the clubs. Her resourcefulness, confidence and firmness were great assets.

Vivian will continue to monitor our various programs for the remainder of the term, help with logistical arrangements for the upcoming teacher training workshop, and work closely with the two summer interns.

We’re delighted to have her on board for the next couple of months, when our program director Josephine Marie Godwyll will be in the U.S. as a Mandela Washington Fellow.