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THANKS to these champions for girls in science

The January teacher training workshop was a wonderful way to connect AWAP members with Ghanaian educators and community organizers, as well as students at the local universities. We count ourselves fortunate, and it is a testament to the importance of this project, to have so many take time out of their their busy schedules to help us out.

Champions for the Girls Science Club Initiative

Ms. Georgina Quasie, the former director of the Science Education Unit of the Ghana Education Service, was there to facilitate discussions, and, most importantly, to model curiosity, humility and life-long learning. (Below, she tries a new activity helped by the new teachers).

Ms. Olivia Opare (in blue), the national science coordinator, showed the teachers that trouble shooting is just as important as having the right answer. She had also offered AWAP a lot of tips on acquiring and developing locally-sourced science materials.

Rev. Joana Koranteng, the former science, technology and mathematics coordinator for GES (in pink), listened to teachers as they shared their ideas on effective teaching and learning. Ms. Sola Boateng, the current mathematics coordinator, (in orange behind Ms. Koranteng) is doing the same with another group.

How should a good science classroom look like?

Science hero to the rescue! The Ga West district science coordinator, Mr. Doli, saved the day (as we neglected to pack the bag of incandescent and LED lights) by contributing bulbs (in the black bag!) to the electrical circuit activities, having just come from delivering a similar workshop to a group of teachers under his charge. Phew.

Mr. Doli to the rescue

Read about how we met these wonderful people.

The workshop was created by Dr. Connie Chow, seen here looking on as a group of teachers attempt a challenge.

Group work