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Club members carry banner and garbage bags as clean-up day begins

Giving back: Keeping our environments clean

Our students created community engagement projects during the last weeks of school. Here, 34 students and 3 teachers from the Tieku Basic School were divided into teams, covering a distance of close to 800 meters in one morning. The picking teams gathered three wheel barrels and a big bag full of plastic waste to be recycled. Similar to the model developed by MoveTheWorld.co, we selected 10 eloquent students to do the public education. 

The public education team spoke to almost 20 community members throughout the walk. Among the people engaged were hairdressers, food vendors, taxi drivers, mechanics and people who were going about their day to day activities.

According to the students they received a lot of commendations from the people they talked to, though one young man was very hostile to them and sent them away. They realized that these are the kind of people who really need this kind of education so we will keep going to him till he sees the relevance of the program. #givingback #noplastic #cleanenvironment #keepghanaclean #STEM+Love

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