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‘My team members are one fun team to work with and my Director, Connie has been a pivot in this process. Always ready to give a helping hand and insight into programs and procedures’, this remark by our Administrator Ms Priscilla Awuah sums up the realities of the kind of working environment we find ourselves in. The kind of importance we attach to teamwork characterized with mutual respect has been the number one factor in maintaining the unity that we have nurtured over the past few years. Today’s piece is dedicated to our personal reflections on our journey so far with this great organization. Let’s take a tour!

Your general impressions so far

Favour Amoako

‘It’s been great and fun monitoring the club meetings especially watching the students connect wires to light a bulb and all that. I would add that the organization is blessed with a proactive, hardworking and fun loving team and it’s been awesome working with them, the teachers and the wonderful students. My boss Connie is firm but flexible in dealing with her staff, she always wants to bring out the best in us by asking lots of questions as well as allows us to think outside the box to bring solutions’, Favour Amoako, Associate Programs Manager



Christian Sackey-Acquah

‘To me every day with The Exploratory presents a new learning experience. The opportunity to acquire new skills is there and this is one thing I cherish most about this organization. The teachers and students inspire me a lot. My encounter with them over the past few years has awoken my sense of compassion towards helping the underprivileged in our society. I have a wonderful boss, Connie, whom I admire so much and continue to learn from her exceptional leadership qualities’, Christian Sackey-Acquah, Assistant Programs Manager



Priscilla Awuah

‘So far so good, I have enjoyed every bit of my learning experience. I have the most amazing team of all: we share jokes, food, work load and deliberate on ideas for implementation. I have also learnt to appreciate the role of science in creating a better world with an exposure to our routine experiential programs. My Director, Connie has been a pivot in this process, always ready to give a helping hand and insight into programs and procedures’, Priscilla Awuah, Administrator



Saviour Okine

‘I have renewed my experience in team work and my interpersonal relations. I have also had the opportunity to work with people of varying backgrounds. The Exploratory can boast of a youthful and energetic team which I am very proud to be part of. Though we still haven’t settled our scores on our frequent argument about which university is the best in the country (Legon vs KNUST), I still hold my colleagues dear to my heart and I continue to learn a lot from their rich experiences on the job. I will add that I have the most supportive boss, Connie. She is very understanding and has her own way of keeping us on our toes’, Saviour Okine, Assistant Programs Manager