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Florence Toffa @15

A Letter to little Florence at the age 8

Florence Toffa. Headshot​Editor’s note: Florence Toffa is a daring and passionate tech entrepreneur, who believes the right combination of technology and human capacity can solve most of Africa’s problems and make the continent a better place to live in. She is the director of Mobile Web Ghana, where she nurtures the next generation of technology & open data entrepreneurs to do just that. We were lucky to have her at our inaugural role model event in Pokuase last year.

Florence is a 2015 Vital Voices Lead Fellow and 2016 Mandela Washington Fellow. She holds a two-year certificate in Software Entrepreneurship from Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Sociology. (Adapted from The Movers & Shakers of EdTech). This is an invited entry in our Letters to My Young Self series


Accra, Ghana

22nd March 2017

Dear Florence,

I trust that you are doing well. I know that you didn’t have the opportunity to grow up with your parents. You are now staying with your auntie and life might be tough for you. Please do not let lack of parental bond or love deter you from achieving your dreams. Everything you are going through now is definitely preparing you for a better future.

The world is full of opportunities, take time and prepare yourself for it.

I remember you told me that you want to become an accountant because you heard people say it’s the best profession after medical doctor. But I tell you, do not box yourself up. Be curious about your environment. Question why things are done the way they are currently. Don’t be afraid to take courses that interest you, for example mathematics, science, computer science, engineering etc. In all things make sure that you are doing what you love. Be opened to listen to people but more importantly listen to your heart, that inner voice that knows what you are good at.

Create your own path and world and live in it.

I want you to know that right from birth, God placed a seed of greatness in you. It’s your responsibility to make it come to life. People will tell you it cannot be done because they cannot do it. Create your own path and world and live in it. That way you will not be worried about what people say about you.

Florence in football uniform

As soon as your neighbors see that you are now a young adult, they will start saying, “You hurry up and get marry”, “You are now of marriage age”. Don’t listen to them. Marriage should not be your ultimate goal in life. Your ultimate goal should be to be happy, give back to society and contribute to nurturing the next generation.

Don’t be in hurry to start your own family. It’s an exciting thing to do but comes with its own workload. If you are lucky you will get a man who understands you, great. If you get one that does not take responsibility for his own actions and leave you to your faith, still have the courage to thank God. Make sure you are fully equipped to face these options in life.

Look for happiness in each day. Learn to forgive people because a lot of people will offend you along the way. Treat others the way you want them to treat you. In the good times trust God; in the bad times trust God. A life without values and principles is not worth living. Finally, be patient with everything. Do not compare yourself with others. Do your very best in whatever you find yourself to do and in due time success will knock at your door. God bless you Florence. Take care.

Truly from my heart,

Florence Toffa