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An interview with Priscilla Awuah, administrator extraordinaire

We’re so pleased to have Priscilla (Priscy) join our team. The administrator role is an anchor for the team and the organization. Priscy is a strong woman, super organized, speaks her mind, and equally comfortable being team lead and member. And she certainly has the qualities she describes below. Our favourite note from her thus far – “It’s too complicated to use Excel [to analyze this evaluation data], can I use SPSS instead?” Read more about her bio on our staff page.

Which teacher do you remember most from your school days and why?

My favourite teacher is Mrs Hlorbu, my class 3 teacher. She instilled in me a sense of leadership at the basic level of my education by assigning me to the position of a class leader.

Who’s your role model?

I have through my formal and informal education been inspired by many; however, my mum beats all of them. She has instilled in me great sense of discipline, hard work, assertiveness, humility, patience and above all perseverance. She has been the source of encouragement and support in my academic achievements and professional ladder.

One word that always resounds in my mother’s advice to me is humility.

Why did you decide to join The Exploratory?

A transformational experience influenced my choice of career during my period of National Service. I was posted to a municipal hospital and assigned to the administration to perform the duties of a secretary, even though I was a novice in that field. This period gave me confidence and marked the beginning of a career in administration, ushering me into an arena of exploring and adapting to multiple new settings.

I believe being part of the Ghana-based team at The Exploratory would offer me the opportunity to apply my knowledge and academic experience in the social sciences and my professional experience in administration to enhance community development.

I also believe in and appreciate their efforts in empowering the Ghanaian young child in stereotyped subjects like Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics at the basic level through acts of love and community service.

What is your definition of a strong woman?

A woman who has attained any form of education, either formal or informal. She has the ability to manage and work with available resources, is guided by her aspirations, is eager to impart skills to others and to learn from others. A strong woman is also marked by determination and optimism.

What’s your favourite food?

Boiled plantain with kontomire stew is a meal I enjoy most.