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Teacher Spotlight: Janet Asare

We’re grateful to have an awesome group of teachers. Today, we’ll get to know Ms. Janet Kwarko Asare better. Janet is a teacher 5th grade at the Pokuase Methodist Basic School. She’s one of six teachers at the school who facilitate our clubs. When she’s not teaching, she’s usually found with her mobile phone, taking photos of her friends and colleagues, or taking selfies! Joking aside, she’s really inquisitive. We’re happy to have her.

How long have you been teaching?

Eight years.

How should a good science classroom look like?

Who is your role model?

The Honorable Ursula Owusu. She is a member of parliament in Ghana, a lawyer by training, and a gender activist. She is very assertive and strong.


When did you become interested in science?

Actually, when I joined the [exploratory] club. My involvement in the practicals made me like science. I’m really grateful to be part of this club.

What attracts you to The Exploratory?

I continue to be involved because I want to learn more – so I can become a better teacher AND because I’m now personally fascinated.

What’s your favorite food?

TZ (tuo zaafi = very hot), a staple food in the northern parts of Ghana made with corn or millet flour.